A Spell against Ophthalmia
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A prayer, or spell to fetter the devils and Barya and Legewon and against rheum in the eyes, and the “eye of gold,” i.e. the “ yellow eye.” The secret names of Michael the Great: Ake, Amle, Llk, Inek, Kazla, Arnal, Klmo, Ayon, Peku, Geloke, AslI, Ek, Asklmd, Erow, Yabslt, Papasklr, Ebet, Absela, Kef, Arhela, Awos, Lol, Ilal, Alahl. By these names of Michael protect and deliver Thy hand­ maiden Walatta Haywat from Barya, Legewon, and-[here follows the names of the devils and diseases which have been enumerated in the Legend of Susenyos].