History of the Gāllā
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About the middle of the 16th century the Galla began to disturb the peace of Abyssinia, and from this time onwards they attacked the armies of successive Nagashls with considerable success. The following History of the Gallas is based upon a little Ethiopic manuscript first published by A. W. Schleicher, Geschichte der Galla: Bericht eines abessinischen Monches uber die Invasion der Galla im sechszehnten Jahrhundert, Berlin, 1893. The criticisms of this work by Praetorius, Noldeke and Littmann made it clear that a new and critical edition of the text was needed by scholars, and this was provided by Guidi in Scrip tores Aethiopici, Ser. altera, tom. ill, Paris, 1907 (Historia Gentis Galla). The manuscript is in the British Museum (Orient. No. 534, see Wright, Catalogue, p. 84^).