chapter  1
Political reintegration after war
Pages 28

This conclusion presents an overview of key concepts covered in the preceding chapters of this book. This book made clear that the entire group of ex-combatants does not have to be a problem per se for democracy and peace. Rather, there are specific attributes within this community that can be worrisome or particularly encouraging for democracy and peace. In this final section of the book, the implications for both democracy and peace in Liberia due to the ex-combatants relationship with politics are discussed. Again, however, it is important to note that the ex-combatant community is not the sole determinant of the development of peace and democracy in Liberia. Resolving the political, economic, social, regional and structural inequalities and conflicts in Liberia rests heavily on the shoulders of Liberian society as a whole. This section tries to tease out some of the potential conflicts which arise when ex-combatants act as citizens in a post-war state.