chapter  2
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The Revival of Translation

This chapter explains the development of the main theoretical considerations in favour of using various forms of translating in foreign language education. Then it examines experimental and survey studies into the effectiveness of translation in foreign language pedagogy. The chapter analyses the relationship between the approaches adopted in recent translation-based teaching methods and the way in which they can be realized in design and procedure. The progression of this survey is chronological and its aim is to appraise the advancements made in the study of pedagogic translation and to identify some of the gaps that still need to be bridged. It explores and offers a convincing long-term answer that can reconcile language and translation pedagogy on firmer ground and for the years to come. The chapter contributes the realization of this desideratum by putting forward a holistic pedagogy that is framed within an ecological perspective and harmonizes language and translation teaching in the same multilingual learning environment.