chapter  5
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Tymoczko’s Holistic Cultural Translation

This chapter explores the holistic approach to translating cultural difference elaborated by Maria Tymoczko. It examines the superordinate concepts of representation, transmission and transculturation used by Tymoczko as interconnected and complementary frameworks for investigating translations within an international and cross-cultural perspective. The chapter explores the theoretical underpinnings of the notion of holistic cultural translation. It then illustrates how a holistic approach to translation can be fostered pedagogically. The three modes of cultural interface that Tymoczko adopts as frames of reference to elaborate the concept translation to move towards a deeper understanding of the transcultural nature of translation. The three modes of cultural exchange are related to one another. This relationship becomes evident when we trace the steps taken during the process of naturalization of the Spanish term transculturacion in the English receptor culture, where it was literally rendered as transculturation.