chapter  6
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Holistic Pedagogic Translation

This chapter examines the convergent underpinnings of symbolic competence and holistic cultural translation and posits that these two principles are interconnected in theory as in practice. The insights provided by theory and research, propose to develop a holistic pedagogy that harmonizes in the same learning environment the ecological perspective adopted by Kramsch in foreign language education and the holistic approach to cultural translation developed by Tymoczko in translation studies. It provides empirical evidence supporting this hypothesis by analysing a lived experience of language learning, literary translation and creative writing. For Tymoczko cultural translation highlights the need for self-reflexivity together with geopolitical responsibility on the part of the translator. It is titled 'In altre parole' and deals with various linguistic and stylistic aspects of Hosseini's narrative such as the register of orality, textual multilingualism and literary allusions. The holistic pedagogy adopts an ecological approach to educational linguistics and translation.