chapter  4
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Rising innovation and emergent MNE–INV engagement

This chapter argues that an upward shift in the technological innovation levels of new ventures may mean that bridging ties including MNE ties become more relevant much earlier in the life-cycle of the venture, especially as the local milieu's sophistication increases. It adopts a somewhat unorthodox approach of reproducing excerpts from a roundtable panel discussion with four award-winning exemplar software ventures in Bangalore. The chapter shows the discussion that focus on Intellectual Property (IP) rather than cost arbitrage as the basis of their competitive advantage. The chapter examines three facets of Multinational Enterprise (MNE) networks, from the perspective of International New Ventures (INV). It focuses on the case of Skelta to surface exploratory insights into the MNE-INV interface. The chapter focuses on how MNE ties ultimately influence new ventures' internationalization. A key motivation for engaging with external actors through entrepreneurial actions is the MNE's own agenda for furthering its innovation.