chapter  6
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Who loses in a two degree world?

The two degree limit is a global average which accounts for the differential warming of land and oceans, tropics and poles. Media reports show the powerful blocs to be strong advocates for the two degree target. The global average of two degrees warming generates risk for the most vulnerable that a lead Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) author has described the two degree target as 'totally inadequate'. IPCC report makes clear, in aiming for a minimum of two degrees warming, policymakers are knowingly putting the weakest and most vulnerable people of the world in harm's way. Cosmopolitanism requires that the individual is at the centre of policymaking and that policy recognizes the universality of the rights and needs of each individual, wherever they are living. It stresses that people have responsibilities to each other, no matter how distant. Cosmopolitanism is the same as any other vision that requires all people, transcending class interests, to believe the same things.