chapter  1
The green economy: The meaning of a new narrative
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The repoliticising the ecological field is a condition for enlarging the political space of environmentalism, allowing socially just, ecologically effective and democratic alternatives to the green economy to emerge and get their voices heard. This chapter argues that repoliticisation happens in three moments. First comes a moment of critique. The veil of apparently neutral scientific, economic or technical representations should be pierced in order to reveal the political stakes and oppositions underpinning contemporary capitalism and its corrected, green version. Second is a moment of subversion, which aims to expose and disrupt the very foundations of society, actually revealing it has no real foundation but is fundamentally contingent, and therefore changeable. The third moment is a moment of construction, whereby alternative ideas, demands and projects are developed and brought together in a counter hegemonic discourse. It discusses some of the tenets of such a discourse, as it is already taking shape in the climate justice movement.