chapter  14
Using Reflecting Team in Couples Therapy
WithButch Losey
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The basic premise of the reflecting team is that multiple realities exist in any situation, and the reflecting team's responsibility is to share with the couple a number of alternative perspectives to how the couple views themselves. Reflecting team clinicians work to focus on the positive aspects of the couple relationship in the first and subsequent sessions, demonstrating that they are multi-perspective and in no way the expert in the room. The reflecting team is an unusual set-up in couple counseling. At specific times in the counseling session, the team has a dialogue in the presence of the couple, and these thoughtful conversations can create dissonance and dilemmas for the couple that need to be reconciled. S. M. Jourard and P. E. Jaffe highlight the potential benefits of effective use of clinician disclosure, including increased client disclosure, improved client growth, greater client trust, and better therapist-client rapport.