chapter  15
Post-Treatment Planning
ByButch Losey
Pages 2

In this chapter, the author talks about couples to create one or two post-treatment goals. These are developed in the same way as the treatment goals. Renewed goal setting can rejuvenate the couple and create a new energy and interest to continue creating change in their relationship. Termination is the last phase of treatment and an important one. Termination involves a number of important issues and activities. There are three primary functions for successful termination. First is the function of assessing the client's readiness for the end of counseling. A second function of termination includes both resolving remaining affective issues and bringing about appropriate closure of the significant and often intense relationship between the client and the counselor. The third function is to maximize the transfer of learning and to increase the client's self-reliance and confidence in their ability to maintain change after counseling has ended.