chapter  4
Principles of Assessment
ByButch Losey
Pages 19

This chapter discusses the Global Assessment of Relationship Dimensions, which is a useful assessment to identify satisfaction and confidence about a variety of relationship dimensions. The clinical interview is one of the primary ways in which most clinicians address assessment in couples therapy. Taking a timeline of the relationship is a simple, quick assessment process that results in considerable historical information about the relationship. External relationships include those that are problematic as well as those that are supportive to the couple relationship. The chapter assesses satisfaction about closeness, expression of feelings, positivity in the relationship, sexuality and sensuality, financial decision-making, positivity in the relationship, and the quantity and quality of the time spent together as a couple. Characteristics of partner abuse include force, intimidation, or manipulation and is considered by clinicians to hinder the effectiveness of treatment. The clinician's response can be considered a pairing of action and mobility.