chapter  8
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Reflective narrative (Layla Sewell)

This chapter presents a reflective narrative by Layla Sewell who is a wife and mother of two, residing in Los Angeles, CA. She is the founder of Awaken the Greatness Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides tools and resources for black families to raise well-balanced children. She believes serving others allows opportunity for her to be her best self. In this narrative, Layla begins with an open discussion about reflection through self and broader social contexts. These intersections are explored in detail shifting through personal experiences in childhood and in social work education. In the telling of her story, empowering words from family, ancestors and cultural icons drive self-perspectives. Self-reflection is key to being effective in helping marginalized and oppressed populations. As an African American woman, Layla has faced many challenges. When Layla was in the multilevel marketing industry, she had the opportunity to take advantage of personal development.