chapter  9
The social roots of aggressive masculinity
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We have already devoted considerable attention to these issues in passing, especially in Chapter 4. In the present chapter. however. we shall address them systematically and at length. We shall begin with a brief review of some of the literature on aggression. Then, at greater length, we shall undertake a critical examination of the principal sociological attempts to address the social roots of working-class male aggressiveness that are currently on offer. After that we shall present. in outline form, our own alternative model. As will be seen. this model is a synthesis based largely on a critical elaboration of aspects of Suttles' theories of 'ordered segmentation oj and 'the defended neighbourhood'. 2 It attempts to address the question of the comparative narrowness of working-class identifications and not just the social production in specific sections of the working class of a distinctive form of male aggressiveness. The chapter is also intended as a contribution to the theory of 'civilizing' processes.