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The principal aim of this, the sixth guide to Londons Contemporary Architecture, is to point the reader toward what is recent, worthy and reasonably accessible. This sixth edition of Londons Contemporary Architecture marks a 20-year period since the first publication in 1994, toward the end of a deep recession not dissimilar to the post-financial crisis period experienced from 2008. Other words London, as ever, are not a consistent scene of architectural discourse and activity. London has many important buildings of historic importance, but one of them St Pails Cathedral is also of deep contemporary significance. The simple City Information Point outside of St Pails was Makes first London building after Ken Shuttle-worth walked away from the Foster office. Overall, the building is a fine example of contexturalism, referencing the history of the building, the retained parts and an historical context whilst informing Prince Charles that a contemporary faade can be load-bearing and interesting.