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The North Central area lies on the northern side of the Marybone or Euston Roads and Regents Park, bounded on the west by Edgeware Road and, on east, Kingsland. It reaches northward up to North Circular Road that roughly defines Inner London from outlying suburban areas. Apparently bemused Libeskind could find no contextual reference for this Graduate Centre 700 sqm scheme that neatly links onto existing North London University buildings, but he looked up and noticed constellation of Orion and so he offered this as a lighting pattern in main lecture room. Built on the site of a custodian for the adjacent Highgate Cemetery, this design exercise would be unlikely to obtain planning permission today: a unique 3-storey, Corten steel clad Modernist exercise with upper level living room overlooking the cemetery and Waterlow Park. The curved glass, concrete and steel mesh panelled faades of the stadium rise between terraced streets, offering series of dramatic views of venue to approaching visitor.