The City: London’s Historic Core page
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Wembley Stadium: The huge 133m-high arch of this 90,000-seat stadium is visible from all over London. Its impressive, but not very pretty and best seen at night, perhaps from distance but at last the area round about is undergoing redevelopment. Shri Swarminarayan Mandir: Visitors are very welcome to this Hindu community temple, in bizarrely relocated traditional style. Another temple Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara exists in Southwall. And, of course, there are now many mosques. Fawood Children Nursery: If we want to be more pretentious it is possible to construe the building as a take upon a Greek temple, now transmogrified into a mundane children nursery OK: or an animal cage. St Benedicts School: An expert insertion into existing complex of buildings that at once organises and revitalises them, supplements them and greatly enhances them and it does so by employing monastic typology: the cloister here, enclosed, thus forming central meeting hall, but a recurring Simon Henley theme.