Going East from the City page
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South London has a distinct grouping of interesting recent works around the Elephant & Castle area and the enthusiast may be disinclined to travel further south than gentrified areas such as Clapham and Brixton. However, there are interesting works in development as far south as Croydon that justifies an excursion. Surrey Quays was developed during the 1980s as a suburban area, but is now rapidly maturing into somewhere far more dense. Use Canada Water and Surrey Quays Over ground stations. Overall, Surrey Quays is to become more mature and what it always should have been: more urbane. On the north-west side of Surrey Quays we find the older village area of Rotherhithe. A perimeter geometry arguably allows a maximum of units on the site, but at a cost of density that is veritably akin to that of an aged Italian village, raising a variety of issues regarding privacy, social relations and the contentions that can arise from such proximity.