chapter  4
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Coffee: Class, Distinction, and “Good” Taste

Up until about six months ago, every morning, like many of us, I would start my day with a cup of coffee. It wouldn’t matter how much sleep I had, how I was feeling, or how soon I needed to be up and moving to start whatever responsibilities I had planned to accomplish for the day. In my mind, my day could not start until after that ten minutes of me alone, with no distractions, just sipping on my coffee. This was my morning routine for a good ten years. A routine that became so embedded that it occurred without much thought. Until one morning, it occurred to me, like an epiphany, I really don’t like the taste of coffee. In fact, I’ve never liked the taste of coffee. It isn’t refreshing. It leaves this awful aftertaste that often leads to that dreaded, unpleasant coffee-breath and it stains your teeth. So, I began to question, why the hell have I been drinking it so mindlessly all these years?