chapter  1
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A Day in the Life of Your Jeans: Using Our Stuff to Discover Sociology

This may seem like a strange request, but take a moment to look down at your legs. Now look at the legs of the people around you. Chances are that youor somebody close to you-is wearing a pair of jeans. Around the globe, more than half of the world’s people are wearing denim jeans on any given day (Miller 2010: 34). Marketers estimate that on average, humans wear jeans 3.5 days a week, and 62% of people state that they love or enjoy wearing jeans (Miller and Woodward 2012: 4). The average American woman owns eight pairs of jeans, and young girls own an average of 13 pairs (Snyder 2009: 116). Not only are jeans found on billions of bodies around the globe, but they have taken on a special, iconic place in our hearts. In a stylebook devoted to denim, the authors write: “Loving a pair of jeans is like loving a person. It takes time to find the perfect one and requires care and mending to make it last” (Current et al. 2014: 7).