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In the depths of the soul the tintinnabulationof youth is ringing and speaking to us of life and freedom, and keeps on ringing alluringly till weary man surrendersand takes a trip. Our youth with its fantasies and childish desires exerts an important influence on us all our life. To travel means to conquer the world anew, to make oneself respected and esteemed. Much might be said about the technique of travelling. The manner in which the thought springs from the unconscious, gently and with tender longing, takes on more definite shape and apparently suddenly breaks out during the night with the violence of a deed, presents almost a neurotic picture, and one is justified, from this point of view, in speaking a " touring of neurosis." Behind every journey there lies a hidden motive. It will, of course, be a difficult matter to discover in every case this deeply hidden motive, this innermost spring of action.