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Parents are really becoming more and more affectionate from year to year. Such fanatically affectionate parents as are quite common were formerly the exception. The cause for the hypertrophiedlove of the child is adducedfrom the consideration of those cases which evenin former times offeredinstances of an exaggeratedparentalaffection amounting to doting love. The over-indulged child was almost invariably an only child whom popular speechdesignatesa "trembling joy." The parents, and especially mothers, are so overof joyed at their children's manifestations love that out of their overflowing hearts they reward them by overwhelmingthem with caresses. For most people know that our experiences in childhood influence our whole life. But it is a tragic commentary on human strivings that excessiveparentallove may bring sicknessupon the child, that a happy presentis replaced by an unhappy future, that the roses a mother strews in her child's path only later show their thorns.