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Very few people perceive the ridiculous element in the frequent complaints about the wickedness of human nature. Human beings are ungrateful, false, and untrustworthy. Yes, but we are all human. We like to deceive ourselves, and, not to see our faults. That is the most prevalent of all weaknesses. We look upon ourselves not only as cleverer but also as better than all others. We forget our faults so easily and divide them by a hundred, whereas our virtues are ever present to our mind and multiplied by a thousand times. That is why we complain about the ingratitude of our fellow-men, because we have forgotten all the occasions on which we proved ungrateful,-in exactly the same manner in which we manage wholly to forget everything calculated to awaken painful emotions in ourselves. Pious chaste natures may often give their coarser instincts undisturbed expressionin the second world.