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Daily a revolver cracks somewhere or other of because jealousy; daily a knife finds entrance into a warm body; daily some unhappy ones, racked by jealousy and life-weary, sink into fathomless depths. To understand jealousy we must go far, very far back into the history of man's origin. For certain animals, intelligent animals, show clearly evidences of jealousy. Most dogs snarl even at their masters if they attempt to take their food from them. Their jealousy is the mood in which they express their possession, the egoism of their share. The absence of jealousy in cases of intense affection usually, but not always, indicates a nature immune against all assaults. In certain cases one's inadequacy is so covered up by our over-estimation of our endowments that comparisons are never instituted and projection is impossible. Consequently baseless jealousy and baseless confidence will always be.