chapter  5
Phase 1 – the stabilization phase
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Specific trauma processing techniques target the client's most traumatic event. All such techniques contain a certain degree of exposure. The adaptive information processing model uses a theoretical model similar to Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). Exposure is a widely used and thoroughly researched behavioural therapy treatment technique. Different variants of exposure have been described, such as imaginary exposure, prolonged exposure, intensive exposure, in vitro exposure, and in vivo exposure. Brief Eclectic Psychotherapy for Psychotrauma (BEPP) has proven effective for simple psychotrauma. In its original form, this brief treatment method with a rigid protocol is not suitable for the treatment of complex trauma. Complex trauma situations can also be therapeutically processed with cognitive techniques involving dysfunctional cognitions about self-image, other people, and the traumatic experience itself. Survivor guilt is prevalent in people who have been able to live a normal life after surviving an unfavourable situation, such as long-term imprisonment or combat alongside others.