chapter  1
Is There a “White Vote”?
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When considering the issue of white voters, the fi rst question worth asking is whether or not it even makes sense to lump this massive percentage of the electorate together. Can we speak of the “white vote” in a manner analogous to the “African American vote”? The knowledge that a voter is black provides a tremendous amount of predictive power in terms of that person’s vote choice-in the overwhelming majority of cases, such a voter will support Democrats all the way down the ballot. Latinos and Asians are also quite likely to support Democratic candidates in most circumstances, though in the case of these other minority groups, the support for Democrats is less universal and there is meaningful variation depending on their country of origin-Cuban Americans and Vietnamese Americans are more likely to support Republicans than other Latino and Asian groups, for example. 1 Looking nationwide, is there any evidence of racial bloc voting among whites? If not, are there reasons to expect such behavior in the future?