chapter  6
Pages 44

This chapter shows the view of India that Keynes would form in the ensuing years. It explains Keynes's work on India culminated in the publication of Indian Currency and Finance which is an apology of the pre-war system. Gopal Krishna Gokhale was a member of the Indian National Congress, and one of the leaders of Indian nationalism. In India, the books by Sarma and Doraiswami amounted to frontal attacks on the gold-exchange standard, but they found scarcely any echo in the UK. Between the publication of 'Recent Economic Events in India' and the time when the commission was formed, Keynes's collaboration with the India Office continued in several forms. Keynes submitted the drafts of his India Currency to the chairman, on the grounds that the publication of the book might be incompatible with membership. Skidelsky attributes disagreement between Keynes and his colleagues on this point to the fact that the question was highly technical, and therefore impervious to the non-experts.