chapter  5
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Beyond the Puzzle

It has been noted that, although our interest in temporal coding was generated by the puzzle, decisions had been made to extend our research beyond that instigated by the case of the missing slope. In Chapter 2, various attributes were discussed as possible vehicles by which temporal coding might be established. One of these, which has figured prominently in theoretical formulations for various phenomena, is context. Simply stated, different contexts may become associated with different target memories and these contexts may be more easily remembered than the targets. But, to repeat what was said in Chapter 2, there seems to be no easy way to get context memories to mediate temporal discriminations, unless the contexts have calendarlike properties or are associated with memories with such properties. It does not seem that contexts, no matter how memorable, can produce temporal ordering simply because they are remembered better. Still, as has been seen, some experiments turn very unexpected findings, so the issue should not be severely prejudged.