chapter  7
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The Self and Attachment to Relationship Partners and Groups: Theoretical Parallels and New Insights

This chapter considers three assumptions to the analysis of self. First, to partition the self in a way that all possibility of overlap among components is precluded. Second, stress the importance of social context in the development and the enactment of self. Third, understanding the nature of the self by looking the behavioral episodes to the realm of action. The kaleidoscopic self has three fundamental self-representations: the individual self, the relational self, and the collective self. Some acknowledgment for the development is appropriate to those discussions that deal with the fundamental interdependence of forms of self-representation. The kaleidoscopic self considers several key issues related to the structure of self, the development of self, and the interdependence of context and structure. The chapter concludes with some comments on methodological limitations and needs, and suggestions for research directions that might be pursued to explore the implications of the kaleidoscopic self.