chapter  Chapter 6
Human/Subhuman Issue: Physiological and Pseudo-Scientific Theories
WithKatherine Bankole-Medina
Pages 7

The slaves are put in stalls like the pens they use for cattle—a man and his wife with a child on each arm. And there's a curtain, sometimes just a sheet over the front of the stall, so the bidders can't see the "stock" too soon. . . .They have white gloves there, and one of the bidders takes a pair of gloves and rubs his fingers over a man's teeth, and he says to the overseer," You call this buck twenty years old? Why there's cup worms in his teeth. He's forty years old, if he's a day." So they knock this buck down for a thousand dollars. . .he makes 'em hop, he makes'm trot, he makes 'em jump. . .Then, the bidders makes offers accordin' to size and build.