chapter  3
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Treatment of the Child Victim

ByDiana Sullivan Everstine, Louis Everstine

This chapter focuses on the treatment of molested children who are between the ages of five and 11, although some of these concepts of treatment do also pertain to childhood victims of incest. Some parents require considerable guidance in grasping what the assault meant in terms of the child’s developmental level. A family’s reaction to trauma, as referred to above, can range from emotionally bland denial of the reality of the event to confusion and outrage. The latter emotions can be especially magnified if the parents learn that their child was repeatedly victimized over time, while they were unaware of the victimization. Establishing good therapeutic relationship with the child’s mother is frequently crucial to successful treatment of the child for a number of reasons. A therapist will help the parents control the acting-out behavior and at the same time will advise them to be careful not to convey shame to the child.