chapter  6
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Advertisers and Consumer Behavior

The new economy since September 11, 200 I, is affecting consumers for better or for worse. The faster the economy changes, with new innovations and opportunities, creating more choices and options for customers, the harder it is for people to be confident of what they will be earning next year and what they will be doing. The changes in the new economy have both economic and societal implications. This certainly has meaning for consumers, because although better informed and technologically astute customers can switch allegiance quickly, providing themselves with greater value and choice, providers must constantly make improvements, cut costs, add value, and create new services and products. On the societal level, as a result, people may have more economic and social stratification, but diminished time and security; less energy for family, friends, community, and self; and overall live a more frenzied existence (see Figures 6.1 and 6.2).