chapter  7
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Restoring communication to the thousands of employees working in the financial district was difficult enough, but doing it in a week seemed impossible. Verizon developed certain scenarios so they would have emergency plans and processes to fall back on if something was to happen, but the amount of damage to the stock exchange would take months to restore. Verizon has a mission statement called "The Verizon Promise," which states that the core purpose of the organization is to bring about the benefit of communication to everyone and to keep their obligation to customers, communities, shareholders, and employees. This commitment to its customers was obvious when Verizon had less than a week to restore 2 million data circuits and 1.5 million phones, and all the employees did their part. Verizon accomplished the task and the trading systems that had been shut down were up and running on September 17, just six days after the attack. Investors bought and sold 2.3 billions of shares, the largest volume in the exchange's history, without a glitch.2