ByPhilippe Braillard, Denys Crapon de Caprona, André Lötter
Pages 3

This introduction presents an overview of the key concepts discussed in the subsequent chapters of this book. The book discusses to lay bare the mechanics of the crisis that so violently shook and harmed Switzerland's international image. It endeavors to show that it is impossible to understand this issue if one takes the protagonists' declarations and motivations at face value. The book argues that only by taking a deeper look one can understand why the matter has reached such alarming proportions, why the Jewish organizations and some American politicians so doggedly heaped attack on attack on Switzerland. It believes that a cold, hard look at the main protagonists in this crisis in no way whatsoever can harm the legitimate rights of the Holocaust survivors. The contrary is true: it is the hidden agenda, undisclosed ambitions, selfish interests and often dishonorable methods of the seemingly ardent defenders of Holocaust victims that damage their sacred rights.