chapter  six
The crisis, a catalyst for challenging national identity
ByPhilippe Braillard, Denys Crapon de Caprona, André Lötter
Pages 10

Switzerland's effort of remembering and reassessing the past is obviously the consequence of external pressures stemming from the dormant assets and Nazi Gold crisis. Such a criticism of Switzerland's behavior has greatly increased the need to challenge Swiss national identity. Challenging Swiss neutrality is no smooth process, however, because neutrality is so important in the Swiss national identity. This crisis raises questions because it reveals a discontinuity between the image of Swiss neutrality as a policy based on generosity, solidarity and humanitarian commitment, and some aspects of Switzerland's actual behavior during the dark years, in particular in its policy towards Jewish refugees. The resolute choice of openness with respect to others and of involvement in world affairs will allow Switzerland to recover its lost sense of solidarity. Instead of freezing solidarity into a myth, one must live it by sharing their own world with others and assuming all the risks involved.