Epilogue Switzerland, the first stage in a global strategy
ByPhilippe Braillard, Denys Crapon de Caprona, André Lötter
Pages 3

Switzerland's painful experience with the Jewish dormant assets and Nazi Gold issues has abundantly proven the snowball nature of the crisis. First of all, as the authors have observed, beyond its singularity this violent crisis is part of the reassessing of the past of all European countries and other World War II protagonists. As for the wartime spoliation suffered by French Jews, the World Jewish Congress on several occasions eagerly asked for the results of the work of the Matteoli Mission, a task force set up by the French government in February 1997. The Matteoli Mission's final report on the spoliation of French Jews was expected towards the end of 1999 only, but the World Jewish Congress has already declared it is determined to obtain quick restitution and compensation. The authors focus on financial aspects, thereby doing a disservice to the just and noble cause of Jews around the world.