chapter  4
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The constant comparative method of qualitative data analysis, as described by Lincoln and Guba (1985), was used to analyze the transcripts of interviews with ten Latino gay men. The following are demographics of the interviewee group:

Age 20-30= 3 men; 31-39= 3 men; 40-45= 4 men Born in the United States =3 men Born on the island of Puerto Rico =2 Foreign born = 5 men Ethnic Identity =5 Puerto Rican; 2 Mexican; 1 Cuban; 1 Peruvian;

1 Brazilian Religion = 9 Catholic; 1 Baptist

The analysis yielded discrete content categories related to the process of identity development. Direct quotes from participants, without identifying them, elaboration of themes, as well as comments on the relationship of themes to the overall process of identity development are included. Part One of the results are themes that emerged from a pheonomenological analysis (Hycner, 1985) of the interview data. Part Two will provide detailed descriptions and analysis of the relational space map (Josselson, 1992) interviews.