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It contains nine chapters: Chapter 8 deals with ownership and management of ships, touching upon the significance of flag States in the context of a regulatory regime; it also explores the legal implications of the International Safety Management Code concerning the implementation of safety management systems for ship operations, as imposed by Chapter IX of the International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) 1974. Chapter 9 highlights important issues of the law relating to ship mortgages. Chapter 10 deals with the general legal principles of shipbuilding contracts, and Chapter 11 with the essential aspects of the law relating to ship sale and purchase. Chapter 12 deals with the Collision Regulations and the law relating to both criminal and civil liabilities arising from collisions between ships. Chapter 13 explores the law of salvage. Chapter 14 analyses the contractual relationship between contracting parties and their liabilities to third parties. Chapter 15 is new in this edition and explains briefly the elementary aspects of general average. Chapter 16 is concerned with the rights and duties of port authorities, as well as with the liabilities of users of port facilities to the port authority.