chapter  2
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The Diɛtatorship of the Proletariat

The Austro-Marxian school, namely, Otto Bauer, Karl Renner, Rudolf Hilferding, Max Adler and Friedrich Adler, in the past more than once was contracted with the school of Kautsky, as veiled opportunism might be contracted with true Marxism. Kautsky is the founder and the most perfect representative of the Austrian forgery of Marxism. The Austro-Marxist is inexhaustible when it is a question of discovering reasons to prevent initiative and render difficult revolutionary action. Austro-Marxism is a learned and boastful theory of passivity and capitulation. The most disgraceful actions of Austrian opportunism the meanest servility before the power of the possessing classes on the part of the Austro-German Social Democracy. Kautsky represents the Soviet workers, and the Russian working class as a whole, as a conglomeration of egoists, loafers, and cowards. The proletarian Soviets must gradually grow up into the political power of the proletariat, in the theories of reformism, the proletarian organisations had to grow up into Socialism.