chapter  1
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The Balance of Power

In harmony with his present mission, Marxist intellectual Karl Kautsky methodically translates into the language of pseudo-Marxism all the bourgeois charges against the Soviet Government of destroying the industrial life of Russia. If world industry, during the last decade, was more and more becoming a single organism, the more directly does this apply to national industry. On the other hand, the war and the revolution were mechanically breaking up and tearing asunder Russian industry in every direction. An industry which is completely deprived of fuel and raw materials, whether that industry belongs to a capitalist trust or to the Labour state, whether its factories be socialised or not. The organisation of labour is in its essence the organisation of the new society: every historical form of society is in its foundation a form of organisation of labour. The key to economic organisation is labour-power, skilled, elementarily trained, semi-trained, untrained, or unskilled.