chapter  5
Structural-adjustment and media globalization
WithVokes Richard
Pages 41

The emergence of the 'new orthodoxy' for international development, one that centred on market-driven rather than state-led approaches to global growth, had profound effects in transforming media landscapes across the developing world, in deepening the globalization of media more generally, and in advancing media development and community media. It also created the conditions for the mobile phone, and the internet and social media, 'revolutions' that were to shortly follow. The emergence of new media environments in the developing world had both widespread and profound ramifications for the economic, political, and social lives of people throughout the developing world. One of the best-known examples of a participatory communication project that has made innovative use of new media technologies, including social media and the internet, as a means for 'upscaling' community participation in its work, is the Map Kibera Project. Email-based extortion is another example of a kind of media content that may have a detrimental impact upon socio-economic development.