chapter  1
Locus of Control: Understanding the Concept
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Man has reached a stage in his history that surrounds him with challenges to his very survival. Faced with problems of overpopulation and the consequent overcrowding, discl')mfort, and environmental pollution, he can easily come to feel overburdened, irritable, and hopeless. The tide of the Broadway musical "Stop the World I Want To Get Off" is a common distillation of the thoughts of many an urban dweller. One of the most disturbing accompaniments of population density has been the sharp increase in incidents of violence, with the resulting insecurity to which urban dwellers have become accustomed. Robberies, assaults, murders, and rape, sometimes with no apparent purpose, have become commonplace in sections of many large cities. Citizens purchase weapons for protection of their homes and certain communities establish protective wire or electronic screening devices with guarded entrances to protect themselves against marauders. In New York City, the number of large guard dogs is said to be enjoying such an increase that a street sanitation problem has developed.