The Age of Chaucer
Pages 268

Bothe my body and my bowe I buskedeo with leves And turnede towardes a tree and tariede there a

while. And also I lokede to a laundeo a littill me besyde,O

AIle unburneschede was the beme, full borely the mydle,

bene fele are many

The ryalls full richely raughten frome the myddes,

yerne,O 35 That woke and warned hym when the wynde

faylede That none so slegheO in his slepe with sleghteO

40 I waitted wieslyO the wynde by waggynge ofleves, Stalkede full stilly, no stikkes to breke, And crepitO to a crab tre and coverede me ther-

schote, TighteO up my tylere and taysedeO at the hert,

yerne.o Then I mosteO stonde also I stode and stirre no fote

wayttede.o 50 Bot gnattes gretely me grevede and gnewenO myn

eghne.o And he stotayde and stelkettO and starede full brode, ° Bot at the laste he 10uttedO do un and laughte tillO his

mete,O And I hallede toO the hokeso and the hert smote, And happenyd that I hitt hym byhynde the lefte

scholdire 55 That the blode brasteO owte appon bothe the sydes,

full brode very widely bent Iaughte till took up food hallede to pulled back crossbow catches

troches ••• tines and fastened

Cull sleghely very cleverly

sewet • ; • suet and gathered

And than the nombles anone nameD I thereaftire, Rent up fro the ryggeO reghte to the myddis,O And than the fourcheso full fayre I fongeO fro the

sydes And chynedeO hym chefelyo and choppede ofo the

nekke, 90 And the hede and the haulse homelydeO in sondree.