The Twelfth Century
Pages 70

A wintre and a lare.o Ich weide mare thene Ich dede;o

Mi wit ahte bon° mare. W ellonge Ich hab be child i-bon°

A worde and a dede;

Thah° Ich boo a wintre aId

Too yung Ich em on rede.o UnnetO lifIch habbe i-Iedo

And yet,O me thingth, i-Iede.o Thenneo Ich me bithencheo wei,

Ful sareo Ich me adrede;o Mest al thet Ich habbe i-don

Bifealt° to childhade. Wel° late Ich habbe me bithocht,O

ButeO God me nu rede.o Foleo idel word Ich habbe i-quetheno

Soththen° Ich speke kuthe;o Fole yunge dede i-don

The me ofthincheth nuthe. ° Mest al thet me likede ere

Hine-solfhe biswiketh.o Ich mihte habbe beta i-don,

For eldeo and for unhelthe. Elde is me bistolen one

Ero Ich hit wiste;O Ne michteO Ich seon bifore me

For smikeo ne for miste. ErgheO we beoth to done god,

And to iifeleO al too thriste.o Mare eie stondeth men of monne

WelD oft hit schal rowena Thenne ho mawen sculen and repen°

ThetO ho er sowen.o Do he to Gode thet he miigheO

The hwile he boo alive. Ne lipnie na mon° too miichel

The ••• Which I regret now me ... pleased me before

The him-solve forgetO

For wive ne for childe, He scala cumen in live! stlideo

ButeO him God boo mil de.