chapter  1
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Teaching with Simulations

This chapter focuses on the conceptualization of defense for a computerized teaching program, as an attempt to present a mathematical model of the defense mechanisms, it is a relatively clear and objective analytic system. Students can learn to analyze behaviors as examples of psychological defense through the use of an interactive computerized teaching program. Central to Suppes and Warren's conceptualization of the defense mechanisms is the assumption that the contents of the unconscious consist of propositions that take the form of actor-action-object. The quantitative analysis indicated that the Warren and Suppes model is an effective way to teach students about psychological defense mechanisms. Alfred Adler holds an important place in psychology. Adler also contended that each individual strives toward an ideal that becomes apparent early in life and runs as a major theme throughout one's lifetime. Adler considered early recollections "the most trustworthy way of exploring personality" because they often encapsulate a person's life theme or script.