chapter  1
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Focusing on Experimentation

Aggression is a topic included in introductory psychology. Some books place aggression in the section on partial replication of a study that investigated motivation and emotion while others cover it as part of social psychology. Sport psychology is a growing professional specialty and the focus of increasing scholarly interest. The topic of aggression in sport generates considerable interest among students. Most students can recall incidents of aggression in their own competitive experience and infamous incidents in the history of collegiate and professional sport. This chapter presents a class activity students' attitudes about aggression in sport. The primary purpose of the dirty dozen exercise is to sharpen students' ability to identify the social instigators of aggression. The exercise gives them instruction and practice in developing this ability. The ensuing discussion provides ample opportunity to introduce Husman and Silva's (1984) definitions of assertive behavior and aggression and to present their position against aggression in sport.