chapter  6
Exploring about Aggression
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This chapter describes the experimental nature of the Advanced Social Psychology (ASP) course. The World Wide Web is an exciting new tool for teaching college courses in psychology. The activities included Web Assignments associated with assigned readings, a Social Psychology and Humor project, a Social Psychology in the News project, and the development of a Web Tutorial on a social psychological topic. The Web Assignments directed students to explore Internet links relevant to social psychological principles contained in the assigned readings and then to answer online questionnaires about their experiences and observations. The same assignment directed students to the websites of political parties in other countries and asked them to interpret platform similarities and differences relative to current US political campaign issues. The primary purpose of the classroom demonstration is to illustrate the concept of deindividuation, and to reveal that even 'normal, well-adjusted' college students are capable of highly inappropriate, antisocial behavior, given certain social and situational conditions.