chapter  11
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Examining Miscellaneous Issues

The World Wide Web (Web) is an exciting new tool for teaching college courses in psychology. The potential benefits of the Web stem from the wealth of information it makes available to instructors and students, the ease of access to that information, and the "hypermedia" richness of Web documents. However, instructors must take car,巳 in evaluating educational claims for the Web. Proponents of many technological innovations, including those who promote educational uses of the Web, often do not consider the possible practical difficulties and pitfalls of implementation, and they make recommendations without adequate assessment of the impact of new technologies. Indeed, some recent reports indicate that negative outcomes may occ田 if teachers do not pay careful attention to designing student experiences in web-orient巳d courses (Locatis & Weisberg, 1997; Rothenberg, 1997). In this article, 1 describe my experiences in introducing the Web into an advanced course in social psychology, and 1 attempt to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of using the Web in this context.