chapter  2
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Exploring Theories

Several writers have suggested team teaching psychology and literature as a way of improving writing, critical thinking, and perceived relevance of psychological theory and research. As David Perkins noted, undergraduate abnormal psychology courses increasingly emphasize theoretical perspectives, usually the biological, psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive, and humanistic viewpoints. Although Abnormal Psychology is a junior-level course for psychology majors, many nonmajors enroll and introductory psychology is the sole prerequisite. Educational films of under 60 min are widely accepted and appreciated by psychology instructors and students. Feature films are particularly suitable for handling intimate psychological subjects. The film's interaction with the psychiatric community is documented by discussions of period psychiatric literature. Student discussion is encouraged and because of students' enthusiasm, frequently lasts beyond the scheduled end of class. Courses like Psychology and Film: Images of Madness help students who are going into mental health or communications fields to realize how each of their respective disciplines interacts with the other.