chapter  2
A Theoretical Approach to Understanding and Remembering Emotional Events
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Several current reviews of the literature on event memory (Brewin et a!., in press; Ceci & Bruck, 1993; Goodman & Bottoms, 1993; Goodman, Hirschman, Hepps, & Rudy, 1991; Goodman, Quas, Belterman-Fauce, Riddlesberger, & Kuhn, in press; Loftus, 1993; Ornstein, Larus, & Clubb, 1991) have found mixed patterns of memory accuracy across subjects and situations. On the one hand, investigators have concluded that, in certain situations, children and adults are quite accurate in recalling real-life events, especially those

The Ability to Infer Causal Relations

10. He had been caught by a fisherman.